April 6, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Eagle County Times "Cordillera Litigation Update – April 6th 2012"

Clayton Moore:
"What’s going on with the (now) Class Action Lawsuit involving the Wilhelm Family Partnership and the members of the Cordillera Golf Club?

Well…it was NOT a good day, yesterday, in Federal Court – for the cause of the Wilhelm Family Partnership.

The WFP filed just weeks earlier to move the case to Federal Court (after the lawsuit attained Class Action Status) – that status achieved by a previous ruling from District Court Judge Fred Gannett.  The Plaintiff’s in this case (Golf Course Members, et al) filed with District Court – to get Class Action status.  (Click Here)

Yesterday the ruling from Federal Court was handed down.  The WFP’s attempt to move their Case to Federal Court was rejected by the Ruling of Judge William J. Martinez – a U.S. District Judge.  (Click Here)  This case is now back in the hands of District Court and Judge Fred Gannett...."
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Anonymous said...

Very interesting to watch what's alleged going on down in Ponte Vedra with Gyrx and Bill Dennis. Funny how it all goes around, isn't it?

SandBoxBlogs said...

I'm fine with your post of this comment here, 'Anonymous'.

Your doubling up on it on the other post is overkill albeit truthful overkill or not.

Please pay attention to forum rules.