April 6, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Aspen Daily News "Lottery conservation funds being eyed by veterans’ advocates"

Of course they are.

Open space, parks and rec has been hooked up to the cash cow of lottery and gaming proceeds with zero competition for those funds.

Sinking millions of dollars into one special interest, Colorado would be much better served to follow the lead of other states in the union.

Consolidate all gaming proceeds into one kitty and then divide that up between Parks-Rec-Open Space, K-12 public education, law enforcement and public safety, road and bridge and human services.

It's called fairness and equal sharing  amongst public need entities  rather than the current greed-mongering from Parks, Rec and Open Space.

Interesting to watch again the crossover power between boards and local interests in some of the names that are speaking out against the measure.

Andrew Travers:
"...An effort by state legislators to redistribute lottery funds for conservation grants, and put them toward veterans’ programs, has drawn concern from local open space officials.

The Pitkin County open space department will ask the county commissioners to pass a resolution opposing the veterans initiative next week.

“I don’t believe it’s the solution to the problem, to take funds away from something that is working,” said Barb D’Autrechy, county open space acquisition manager.

State Sen. Suzanne Williams of Aurora and others are gathering support in the legislature to create a new scratch-off lottery ticket to fund additional aid for Colorado veterans and amend allocations of lottery funds. Changing the distribution of lottery proceeds would mean changing the Colorado Constitution, which requires a statewide vote.

Supporters are hoping to place the issue on the statewide November ballot.

Voters have previously supported the parks- and conservation-centric funding model, which supports grants for open space purchases, trail projects and wildlife protection.

Conservationists do not wish to be pitted against veterans in competition for state funds, said Martha Cochran, director of the Aspen Valley Land Trust (AVLT)...." (Read more?  Click title)

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