May 5, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Aspen Daily News "Welcome to the club"

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Hey, how about that 'local' icon Jeremy Madden?  The guy really gets the folks in the valley, doesn't he?  Understands what makes them tick and always brings forward anticipated columns.

Up on the only locally owned and operated newspaper in the area, the Aspen Daily News.

Maurice Emmer:
"Jeremy Madden wrote an entertaining column about the “fee” for paper bags in grocery stores. With humor, he made many of the points that opponents of the new scheme made when City Council was considering its adoption.

Mr. Madden is correct, in my view, in calling the “fee” a tax, and a regressive one at that. I made this point to City Council when it was considering the scheme and pointed out that the Colorado Constitution prohibits new taxes without a vote of the citizens. I suggested City Council put the matter to a public vote to avoid the risk of a legal challenge under the state constitution.

While one member of City Council thanked me for pointing out my view and respectfully disagreed with me, another simply wrote to me claiming my views were those of “crackpots” and “tea baggers” (you guess who wrote that).

Welcome to the club, Mr. Madden...."  (Read more?  Click title)

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