May 5, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Summit County Citizens Voice "Morning photo: Moonshine"

The 'supermoon' coming full tonight, gave Glenwood Springs a glimpse last night of what to expect.  So 'close', one felt they could simply reach up and touch.

Bob Berwyn's 'Moonshine', over, up and down on the Summit County Citizens Voice today is a real treat.  All credit for photos within this post goes to Bob.

I am also reminded of two very special astrophotographers in the area.  Daniel McVey over in Summit County (click here) and Professor Jimmy Westlake over in Steamboat Springs. (Click here and here)

If unfamiliar with the craft, art and science of astrophotography then I encourage you to take a look.  Stargazing and moon dreaming are wonderful hobbies.

Bob Berwyn:
"SUMMIT COUNTY — With a ‘supermoon’ coming tonight, I went out to do some low-light iPhone test shots. Turns out the little camera does some interesting things as the sky transitions from daylight to night. It wants to light up the scene as if it were daylight. I haven’t delved into all the various apps yet, though I’m sure there are some that would help capture a more “real” lightscape, but it was still fun using the Instagram filters to add some effects to the evening show along the shore of Dillon Reservoir. The supermoon, by the way, is when the full moon coincides with our satellite’s closest approach to Earth. Astronomers say the orb can appear 14 percent bigger and 20 percent than a standard full moon...."
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staple said...

When will summit's supermoon pictures be up, nanny? Never saw a moon like we had in Glenwood last night.