May 8, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Glenwood Springs Post Independent/Your Letters "Sister worried about gang colors at Strawberry Days"

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Debbie Centeno:
"With Strawberry Days upon us next month, I'm wondering what would be deemed appropriate attire by government officials for such an event.....

....So what would be the best way to show that you are just a normal person, at a normal carnival, just having a fun time with your kids?.........

.......Another reason why I would want to wear the most neutral “non-gang” colors is in case I see my nephews — the same nephews that saw their father arrested and loaded up on an immigration bus. I wouldn't want them to get more traumatized with also seeing their aunt get questioned or probably arrested because she wore a color that, in some big city, actual gang members wear.

How about for training purposes the sheriff's office spends my tax dollars going to, say, Denver or Los Angeles to see what an actual gang member dresses like and how he or she behaves? I would most certainly feel much safer when the sheriff's office has had actual experience with a real gang member, and thereby can distinguish the difference between a true criminal and a sports fan. It seems like not a hard thing to do. But unfortunately our sheriff's office has had no real experience with this issue, so we can't expect them to know how to act in such a case...." 
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"Unapologetically pursuing and tracking patterns within the news others make since 2010."


gws44 said...

"So what would be the best way to show that you are just a normal person, at a normal carnival, just having a fun time with your kids?"

Well, Debbie Centeno. To be a normal person at our community carnival you first have to not be a wanted and violent felon with outstanding federal warrants. Seems you forgot that about your brother David Centeno:

Source Garfield County Sheriff's Dept:
"David Centeno, AKA: Adrian Centeno
9/04/2002 - Carrying a concealed weapon (misdemeanor)

6/10/2003 - Carry/possess weapon on school grounds (felony) and Larceny (felony)

7/16/2005 - Larceny (misdemeanor), Fraud-impersonation (Felony), False Reporting-False

Identification (misdemeanor), Theft (misdemeanor)

7/25/2005 - 0399 Immigration violation

11/10/2006 - Fugitive other jurisdiction (FTA traffic)

11/17/2006 - 0399 Immigration violation

2/17/2007 - Re-entry after deportation and illegal entry

5/15/2008 - Re-entry of removed Alien

6/06/2008 - Illegal entry and re-entry of a previously deported felon

6/18/2011 – Possession of Narcotic equipment (misdemeanor), marijuana possession, resisting

(misdemeanor), fugitive other jurisdiction/FTA Drove without license

6/19/11 - Forgery possession, 1st degree instrument and fugitive other jurisdiction FTP DUR

Federally Prosecuted

2007 for Illegal Entry 30 days Federal Prison;

07/2005 – Deported

09/2006 – Deported

11/2006 – Deported

05/2008 – Deported"

How about you? Are you legal? Got any criminal history? If you do or have any declared in the past gang affiliations you might want to just not wear known gang clothing or colors. To make sure you might want to be just like every other legal American (all of us) and always carry legal ID with you. You see, that's the way it is here in the USA. Cops can ask for ID if they feel they have cause. Question is:

Why would you be worried about that unless you have something to hide?

As a person who really would appreciate not watching any member of your family get busted again in front of your nephews, I really hope you listen to my advice.

Happy Strawberry Days.

mack said...

Really well said, 44. The only thing I'm adding is that I've witnessed and heard of people in trouble with cops calling them names, spitting on them, throwing up on them, assaulting them and all kinds of things that are disrespectful. But I really have to say that I can't ever remember a time when somebody just treated an entire town, a century + old beloved event in our town with the kind of arrogance that shows how much these radicals and criminal acts have our newspaper and elected officials in their back pocket like Debbie Centeno just did. That our own paper would even allow something like this letter to go to print is disgusting, shameful and pathetic

karainlongmont said...

I'm just so tired of our police being beat up by anybody who doesn't have merit to begin with. They don't deserve any of this that's happening to them over illegals, gangs, drugs, arrests in the valley. They just don't. In a way it really feels painful to all citizens who feel upset over the actions of these few. I'm just so sorry that our law enforcement community has to keep going through this nonsense.