May 2, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Greeley Tribune "Oil and gas companies pick up the property tax bill in Weld County"

One of the things that Sonja Linman could do for Garfield County is help facilitate a middle ground for conservative values and liberal values when it comes to the subject of hypocrisy.

Oh, how these radical extremist groups moan and cry over loss of funding to county needs and citizenry.  Pretty baseless when you think about that.  Since pretty much everything is funded by property taxes.  Who pays millions of dollars per year in property taxes?  Why, it is the oil and gas industry!

Oh, how the vulture capitalists (we do have a few if we would only be open about it) thump their chests and holler when the tax bill comes.  Who is it that generally always pays their taxes on time and is glad to lend a hand bringing jobs to the area?  Why, it is the oil and gas industry!

"Save a gas rig.  Opt for fair representation.  Vote Sonja Linman (D-Garfield County)"

Analisa Romano:
"At the mention of taxes, no one groaned or even flinched Tuesday at the Anadarko Petroleum Corp. regional office in Evans.

Instead, government and community leaders gathered to applaud the largest tax payment Anadarko has made to Weld County — $52 million in 2011 property taxes — with an oversized check and cake.

And Anadarko wasn’t event the largest taxpayer in Weld.

Noble Energy paid $57 million in 2011 property taxes, said John Lefebvre, Weld County treasurer. Together, those two oil and gas companies paid 25 percent of the total property taxes collected by Weld County for last year. The deadline to pay was Monday.

“A payment of this size represents success,” said Travis Holland, senior staff accountant for Anadarko, at the celebration Tuesday....." (Read more?  Click title)

"Unapologetically pursuing and tracking patterns within the news others make since 2010."

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mack said...

Property taxes, sales taxes, business taxes, licensing fees, permit fees and that's all before we even touch the royalties. We get hit with "begging for the children", grant funding every org and cause that comes down the pike and every socialist plea the liberals have and they do it on an annual basis. At the same time trying to run every bit of energy development out of the county that we have and grabbing up every hill of dirt for open space where nature can live as is for all time. Meanwhile back at the ranch they are the first ones to jump ship when there is no funding. We would not be paying for all that we do if we didn't have big oil and gas.