May 2, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Glenwood Springs Post Independent "Group says Vernal oil shale meeting was illegal"

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Amazing (stunning, even) how twisted oil and gas (especially oil shale) stories can get just traveling the few miles from Utah to Glenwood Springs...

Utahans, for the majority part, were thrilled that the summit of regional governors, commissioners and other various officials gathered in Utah recently to discuss everything from politics to oil shale to tourism.


Local democrats should probably not get too excited that they have made two good choices (Linman and Caloia) in their never ending search for political candidates.  Good enough that for the offices in front of them those two candidates have some fairly decent conservative scrappers out here that are voting for them.


Because  both your candidates are not women who will let anyone steamroll over balance, fairness and justice.

In other words, it's going to be a long, hot summer this political year so maybe distortion of facts isn't the best way to go.

just sayin.

If you would like to read up on the facts and a more balanced look at the recent summit in Vernal, hit google and keyword in.  Shed  some sunlight on the facts.

"Save a gas rig.  Opt for fair representation. Vote Sonja Linman (D-Garfield County)"

John Stroud:
"GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado — A Colorado public watchdog group has filed an open records request with Garfield County and several other counties across three states that took part in a closed-door meeting in Utah in late March to discuss federal lands oil shale policy.

“Our local county commissioners shouldn't be traveling across state lines to meet in secret with industry lobbyists and attorneys,” Elena Nunez, executive director of Colorado Common Cause, said in a prepared statement issued Tuesday.

The meeting itself, which was hosted by the Uintah County, Utah, county commissioners in Vernal on March 27, may have been illegal per Utah's open meetings laws because it was held in executive session, Nunez said.

Any other county that had a quorum of its commissioners attending, which would include Garfield County, may also have been in violation of their state's open meetings laws, she said.

The meeting produced a draft version of a joint resolution urging the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to reinstate a Bush-era oil shale policy.

The 2008 plan allocated 2 million acres of public lands for oil shale research and development in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. The BLM is now re-evaluating the policy, and has come up with a new preferred plan to reduce the acreage to about 462,000 acres. It would include roughly 35,000 acres in northwest Colorado, as opposed to 360,000 acres in the 2008 plan.

Garfield County commissioners, at an April 9 meeting, unanimously adopted a slightly revised version of the joint resolution. The statement served as the county's official comment to the BLM's environmental analysis.

The strongly worded resolution accused the BLM, under the Obama administration, of bowing to environmental and wilderness interests in revisiting the oil shale leasing policy.

Garfield County Commissioner Tom Jankovsky confirmed that he and commissioners John Martin and Mike Samson attended the Vernal meeting.

Their intentions to travel to the meeting were disclosed at a March 19 regular Board of County Commissioners meeting, Jankovsky said.

“For our part, we made a few comments, but we were mostly there to listen,” Jankovsky said, characterizing it as an “informational” meeting....."  (Read more? Click here.)

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mack said...

An illegal meeting is the claim this time? So what's the goal? Turn back the clock and it never happened? All records can be accessed through sunshine laws and with this crazy madness of protesting everything that comes down the pike, these people are reaching certifiable. Just call for public records and find out what happened. Even if somebody as capable at mediation and facilitation like Linman sounds is elected, it's not going to do any good with these crazies. As long as they get full page and front page stroking by the PI with reporters on speed dial it isn't going to matter who's sitting in the bocc seats. From all other newspaper reports the meetings held in UT were a huge success for all sides of the questions.

Anonymous said...

I can't disagree that John is not only off his game, he's hitting off the mark in his relationship with county residents. My concern with someone of no experience such as Linman is that we have far too many highly manipulative groups and long-time power abusers who have media in their pocket or the ear of powerful others. Just look at the fauxtrage mob that just bomblasted the CMC trustees over the compressor station. I believe that if they had not had support from the community to look at the enabling source of that mentality they would not have been empowered to stop the mess and put third-party into place. Without a firm hand such as John Martin's, BOCC could easily end up with being back into letting these groups have the upper hand. Tresi did not stop at listening to everyone she carried on and let the radical factions run loose. No leadership or guiding hand. Pretty much a pushover as much as she would dislike hearing that phrase to describe her. If we had balance in the media, Mike Samson as a stronger leader and less power pushing by Tom Jankovsky then I think it might be time for someone like Sonja Linman. Unfortunately, those are just wishes and we have none of them. I will stick with John.