May 2, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Glenwood Springs Post Independent "USA Pro Cycling Challenge becomes presenting partner of the Colorado Mini Classic"

Today's 'prime real estate' (always the last post of the day on a blog as it is the first post seen by viewers) goes to the Town of Silt, Colorado.

Goes to Mayor Dave Moore and his rebels with a cause.

Why, you ask?

Because on June 2nd and 3rd, the itty bitty teeny tiny Town of Silt will hold a chunk of the world stage in bicycle racing.

(lol) Oh my goodness, says, 'SandBox Nanny'.

'Staff Report':
"The USA Pro Cycling Challenge, one of the largest professional cycling races in the United States, has signed on to be the presenting partner for the third annual Colorado Mini Classic, which will run June 2-3 in Silt.

Taking place in the quiet, small town with the same street decal signage as the Pro Challenge, the event provides junior athletes with the opportunity to get a taste of world-class competitive cycling action.

“The Colorado Mini Classic reinforces the unique ability of cycling events to impact communities and peoples' lives in a positive and healthy way, while focusing on sportsmanship, racing lessons, good citizenship, athletic performance and the role of family in the quest for individual achievement,” said Chris McGee, executive director, Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado. “The event is a stepping stone for all involved, and with this year's invaluable partnership with the USA Pro Cycling Challenge, we have made a tangible connection between the stars of today and American's future cycling champions.”

Modeled after the famous Mini Classics in the days of the Red Zinger and Coors Classic, which helped launch the careers of Bobby Julich, Jonathan Vaughters, Clark Sheehan and many other cycling legends, the 2012 Colorado Mini Classic presented by the USA Pro Cycling Challenge is a three-stage omnium, consisting of a time trial, criterium and road race.

Specially designed for junior racers age 10 to 18, the Mini Classic places the focus on juniors and their families.

“Our goal has always been to grow interest and participation in the sport of cycling in the U.S.,” said Brian Farris, chief operating officer of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. “Through this partnership between the USA Pro Challenge and the Colorado Mini Classic, we are fostering growth of the sport, while bringing the experience of a professional race to some of the state's best junior riders. It's just a matter of time before we see one of these very same kids standing on the USA Pro Challenge podium.”

This year's event has been recognized as one of the premier juniors-only events in the country, and is part of the 2012 Lance Armstrong Junior Race Series...."  (Read more?  Click title)

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hammerandnails, vp operations smalltown7 said...

whole job site's been waitin on you nanny.

congrats to Moore on this. just think. without spending a dime he manages to get tourism infrastructure built like the silt pavilion. manages to fill it. manages to drive new commerce into town and hit the county up for a major loan. and still, without spending a dime manages to pull off getting lance armstrong and the usa pro challenge to come to town for what sounds like a permanent and sustainable tourist draw.

glenwood springs forks out their annual $600,000 to marianne and the chamberettes and we not only just get to chase waldo's brother glen wood around, we get no infrastructure, mostly empty downtown streets and are surrounded on one side by bonedale getting the ride the rockies we used to have and moore getting the new mini classic to the west.

summary? dump the non-performing chamberettes, pull back the tourism promotion hundreds of thousands of bucks, hire dave moore away from silt, hit mary noone up as a consultant and put glenwood springs back on the map.

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vet 68 said...

Heard about this. Big boon to Silt. Nice job.

Anonymous said...

great move for the young ones. that's the thing about Silt. family town. family values.

MR said...

Now that's an idea that has legs.

Pull back the money, finish the no performers.

Hire Dave and Mary as consultants and put the whole thing out to bid with the criteria that results are the goal.

I think Silt paid for a majority on the pavilion but a lot of it was donated time and materials.

The things yakked up around the county as not rocket science. Maybe cleaning career politicians out is a good thing and will jump start the whole revolution.