May 2, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Iowa Republican "SCC Member’s Refusal to Support Mitt Romney Hurts Iowa Republicans"

Kevin Hall:
"It is the job of the Iowa GOP’s State Central Committee to help Republicans defeat Democrats. Period.

That is their primary task. However, one new member of the committee is publicly refusing to help the likely GOP presidential nominee. Over the past few days, Jamie Johnson declared his distaste for Mitt Romney on WHO Radio and in a national news publication.

“I don’t care for Mitt Romney,” Johnson said on Simon Conway’s radio program last week. “Everyone who knows me knows that I do not care for Governor Mitt Romney. That is a personal perspective that I have.”

Jamie Johnson was the state coalitions director for Rick Santorum’s campaign. Santorum has a meeting scheduled with Mitt Romney on Friday. An endorsement is likely to follow. Another of Jamie Johnson’s former bosses recently became Romney’s national coalitions director. Mike Biundo was the national campaign manager for Rick Santorum. However, Biundo and Santorum’s support of Romney is not enough to sway Johnson to change his opinion of the former Massachusetts governor.

“I am personally not going to help Mitt Romney with his presidential aspirations, because I do not support him personally,” Johnson told the Washington Examiner. “My conscience will not let me help him.....”
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