May 21, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Hot Air Blog "Greek talks collapsed amid anger, insults, “unreality”"

Ed Morrissey:
"This may end up being the political quote of the year, uttered by the president of Greece after talks aimed at forming an emergency government collapsed last week:
“Gentlemen, we are finished,” said the patrician President, calling an abrupt halt to two hours of baiting and cat-calling between furious Greek politicians. “I’m starting to get upset myself now. We are finished.”
The final collapse of talks to forge a new Greek government triggered repeat elections and fears of a chaotic exit from the euro zone. But it is the manner of that collapse, the acrimony and rancor cited by Karolos Papoulias, that bodes ill for efforts after June polls to pull Greece back from the brink.
“It was a complete madhouse,” a source at the socialist PASOK party told Reuters after their leader,Evangelos Venizelos, returned from the May 17 showdown. “The discussion was unbelievable.”
The only people who don’t seem to realize the depth of the truth in that quote are the Greeks themselves:
Voters infuriated by grinding poverty, spending cuts and corruption, punished Samaras and fellow mainstream party leader Evangelos Venizelos. Leftist Alexis Tsipras, 37, emerged with the power to block them. Greece, he said, could ditch its spending cuts and renounce its debts to EU partners, yet enlist their help in keeping the euro currency some 80 percent of Greeks cherish.
“Pythagoras didn’t manage to square the circle and god knows these guys don’t know how to either,” said one EU diplomat in Brussels, echoing widespread sentiment in European capitals.
“The Greeks seem to have no understanding of the seriousness of their predicament and that is a great source of frustration. There’s a breaking point and I think we’re getting close to it.”..."
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lee mulcahy said...

great post nanny. i have been in berlin for work--returning today. it is so interesting to see the right and the left coming together to fight tyranny.

Anonymous said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.