May 21, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: KDNK "Weekly News Brief: Compressor Conundrum"

Terrific interview by Erick Skalac  of longtime local journalist Lynn Burton on the kerfuffle over the Source Gas compressor station.

Folks have been raising their eyebrows over a couple of  points.  One could say those points are facts.  If that offends, then one could simply say current opinions of the common man over the 'one ringie-dingie' campaign to ban Source Gas off the map in Spring Valley are simply realistic expectations based on the little guy's experiences with leaders of that campaign.

SandBox runs with Lynn Burton on one point.  That there's a high probability that it's really about the money and power.  Though Lynn did say same in fancy speak with a more diplomatic edge. 

And also runs with Eric Skalac on the spot in question being the perfect location for a public utility.  It's a weed patch, folks.  One that is never maintained, the building would obstruct no views and there is little to no proof that it would have a negative environmental impact.

Again, strong appearances that what this is really about is the money and the power capable of bullying CMC.

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