May 21, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Glenwood Springs Post Independent "CMC weighing $63.1M budget for 2012-13"

Hmmm....let's see.......$12,000 a year that could be income off the Source Gas compressor station lease...would buy....the entire projected budget for financial aid funds!!.....1/3 more than is projected to be spent on academic support and student services!!!! a college education for the kids of all the little guys by protesting the 'fauxtrage' directed at CMC!!!.....hmmmm......"one ringie-dingie"...."two ringie-dingie"....(see recent related posts, links within posts and public comments here)

Here's to the little guy.

Let freedom ring.

John Stroud:
"GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado — The Colorado Mountain College board of trustees is in the process of reviewing a proposed $63.1 million general fund budget for next year.

And the general public can do the same between now and the CMC board's scheduled budget vote on June 18, according to CMC officials.

The draft 2012-13 budget can be viewed at any CMC location, including locally in Glenwood Springs, Spring Valley, Carbondale and Rifle. It can also be found online at, under the “Communities & Friends” tab (click on Board of Trustees/Budget & Audit).

The proposed spending budget represents a $4 million increase over the current fiscal year. That's due in part to revenues being slightly higher than projected for this year and continuing into the next fiscal year, according to a summary of the budget proposal.

Total revenues are projected at about $63.3 million, including $46.9 million from property taxes within the multi-county special community college district......"  (Read more? Click title)

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hotmama said...

Now we have lawyer fees coming out of our kids education. The loss of $12K annual to boot. Sounds to me like Ackerman's fake activism is costing taxpayers a bundle. Anybody sent her a bill yet?

gws44 said...

At $12,000 a year loss to the college that's a lot of irrigating, mowing and noxious weed controls that Marianne Ackerman's ranching background could donate to the college. The land in question for the compressor station is nothing but a noxious weed patch. Nieslanik's could lend a hand and make cleanup and maintenance a Spring Valley community effort. I'm sure with Ackerman's gossip roll-a-dex there's plenty of contacts who could pitch in. Use the cost as a tax write-off and get some good out of all this pointless, worthless fauxtrage and activism.