May 21, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Glenwood Springs Post Independent "Efficient lighting helps preserve formations in Glenwood Caverns"

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Bob Ward:
"GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado — At Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, the decision to install energy-efficient lighting was a home run both environmentally and economically.

Owner Steve Beckley had known for years that the incandescent lights in the caves actually put out more heat than light, and that Kings Row, one of the most dazzling formations on the popular cave tour, was beginning to dry out as a result.

The key to all of the caverns' strange and beautiful rock features — not to mention the 54 unique species that live in the caverns — is water, which percolates and drips through fissures in the stone.

Under normal circumstances, the temperature inside the caverns is a cool 52 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. If the drying were allowed to continue, Beckley explained, “You get a dusty, dry cave instead of a wet, living cave.”.........

.......Today, work is under way to expand the tour options in the park's namesake caverns, which Beckley can illuminate at a lower cost and with less risk to the cave's ecology.

“We began with 7,800 linear feet of passageway, and now we have about 16,000,” he smiled. “This cave has been open since 1999, and I want to make sure your grandkids can still come. Our job is the stewardship of this cave.”......" (Read more?  Click title)

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Jake said...

So let's see if I got this right. But LED's from CLEER who just happens to be a crony filled org that's had lots of questionable accounting methods with Samson watching them. But still go ahead and go around giving real hard facts to BLM, Parks and Wildlife and CDOT complete with the kind of submitted applications for development all us no-crony people have to do. But still go ahead and install an excessive speed major roller coaster that pumps out dozens of rides an hour complete with screamers hanging out over the canyon. But still go ahead and put all that vibration and noise up into wildlife and cave habitat. That's stewardship of our fairy caves? Do we even have a BOCC anymore? Anybody home? Lights on?

Anonymous said...

It's going to be a hard price to pay but from the looks of things Steve just doesn't care. A million + out of pocket that he never would've had to pay if the crony system had worked. From the people's end they've got rides that aren't put up by day crews instead are put up by somebody who knows what he's doing. A body would think at that point that a good man like Steve Beckley is would've stopped, looked around and decided to pull everybody back in again and do it all right way. Instead he's still skating. There's a reason his body count can't exceed, it's called safety and I'd like to know where Lou's at in not just taking the word in an email that it's all good, all safe and never exceeds. There is no plan on file that's adequate for the kind of traffic Beckley's climbed to. You can't just put Disney World on top of Iron Mt. and expect nearby nesting eagles to stick around or any other wildlife. Where's Perry? Where's the plan? Where's Steve looking at that cave and the vibration problem? What about noise and vibration for cave life? I know of specific people who've been putting together going direct to source. Beckley or anybody else is not going to be able to lash back at them because they're doing it right and staying safe. The need is the questions being answered. If they were being asked by media there wouldn't be a need. They should be being asked by Steve Beckley. This LED thing is a joke compared to the bigger questions. Looks to me like buying pots of flowers while the barn's burning down.

karainlongmont said...

How sad that this is Steve's sole definition of stewardship of the fairy caves. Where is BLM in checking into the impact of noise and vibration?