May 1, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Human Events "Nebraska Senate primary a war within GOP"

John Gizzi:
"On May 15, Nebraska Republicans will conclude one of those classic clashes in their U.S. Senate primary that one reads a lot about these days -- between tea party-backed outsiders and the Republican “establishment.”  Such clashes, the punditocracy warns, will lead to lasting intraparty scars and, possibly, a resulting Democratic win in the fall.

But the good news in the Cornhusker State is that it doesn’t matter how hard-fought the primary between State Treasurer Don Stenberg and State Attorney General Jon Bruning is or how incendiary it gets in the next two weeks.  Polls show either Republican front-runner in the four-candidate primary handily winning the open Senate seat over the certain Democratic nominee, former Sen. (1988-2000) Bob Kerrey -- who has lived and voted in New York for many years before returning to Nebraska earlier this year to launch his political comeback.

The seat being relinquished by Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson is considered one of two certain to flip to the Republican column this fall and help the GOP turn the current Democratic advantage of 53-to-47 seats into a Republican majority.  The other seat considered likely to change hands is that of retiring Democratic Sen. Kent Conrad of North Dakota...."  (Read more?  Click title)

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