May 1, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Denver Post/Breaking News "Colorado lab tech blames boss for mistakes on DUI blood sample tests"

Felissa Cordona:
"A state toxicology lab tech fired for mistakes made on DUI blood samples is fighting to keep his job and blaming the supervisor who signed off on his work.

The state is retesting 1,700 driving-under-the-influence blood samples after Mitchell Fox-Rivera failed to follow standard operating procedures in the lab, which resulted in incorrect readings, according to an e-mail written by his supervisor that was obtained by The Denver Post.

Defense lawyers and DUI defendants who had bloodwork processed through the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's lab are challenging the tests in court.

In an e-mail to The Post, Fox-Rivera says he was a recent college graduate and a relatively new employee and that a review of his lab data was supposed to be overseen by supervisor Cynthia Silva Burbach...."
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