May 1, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Summit Daily News "Summit's building scene could be on the mend"

Kathryn Corazzelli:
"“The general consensus is that building is up this year, but I think if you look at the nature of the business, a lot of it is production homes (like the Valley Brook development),” said Craig Campbell, general contractor at J&E Development in Breckenridge.

The custom home market still seems to be lagging a little, he said.

“From my perspective, the availability of financing is an issue,” Campbell said. “Over the last three years, I have not had one bank-loan customer.”

The shift is a dramatic one considering that before, nearly all of his clients had a bank loan. Now, it's all people who pay in cash.

“I've sensed a dramatic shift in the marketplace,” Campbell said....." (Read more? Click title)

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