May 17, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: National Journal "Romney raises $40.1 million in April"

That's a lot of love, at $250 per or less from the little guys.

Jonathan Miller:
"Romney’s campaign reported $61.4 million cash on hand as of the end of April. The campaign says that 95 percent of the donations in April were $250 or less."  (Read more?  Click title)

"Unapologetic pursuit and tracking of patterns within the news others make since 2010."


WingMan said...

Barack Obama is the worst decision made by liberals in the history of the Democratic Party.

Real democrats and Americans with conservative values need to welcome back the Reagan Democrats, all blue dogs and be grateful that the common man is rallying behind Romney.

You're right Nanny. This is a lot of little love from tables that are lean and folks that are hurting.

mack said...

That's a lot of common man houses where $250 bucks is a big hit. Lots of power there. Romney's not what we needed but he'll do for now. Dozens of times over better than Obama. Made my peace with him along with thinking maybe a moderate might not be a bad thing right now. Would like to see how many of these households were liberals.