May 17, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Summit Daily News "Scott Turner: Don't let victims' rights fall to partisan bickering"

Scott Turner:
"...As is usually the case, both sides have some valid points. However, whatever merit either party's position may have will be lost in the partisan rhetoric of an election year. Regardless of your position on these amendments or your political affiliation, the fact remains that failure of Congress to renew this legislation in some form could endanger victims and extinguish many of the gains that have been made in the past 18 years.

It is fitting that such an important victims' issue was heard during National Crime Victims' Week. I urge you to contact your representative in Washington and tell them to pass the Violence Against Women Act, whether it be in the original form or with amendments. The only way the vision of victims' rights can be extended to everybody is if they can set aside politics and do what must be done.

Scott Turner is an assistant district attorney and candidate for district attorney in the Fifth Judicial District, which includes Summit County."
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