May 18, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Vail Daily News "‘Everyone can get down' at State Bridge"

Caramie Schnell:
"If there's one common thread weaving its way through the lineup of bands playing at State Bridge's opening weekend, it's “Colorado music staples,” said Scotty Stoughton, the talent buyer and event operations manager.

“(The weekend's bands) are a ton of fun and appeal to a huge demo(graphic),” he said. “We'll have families out there, cowboys there, river rats there. And everyone can get down to the music I'm booking for this weekend.”

Last summer marked the revival of the outdoor music venue, which burned down in 2007 and was rebuilt into an outdoor ampthitheater. The past few weeks a crew of people have been volunteering at State Bridge, getting it ready for the summer season, which starts today.

“We are creating a really great family of folks up here. We have made some minor tweaks but mainly just blew off the winter dust and got her ready,” Stoughton said.

Friday through Sunday the riverside venue hosts a slew of musicians. WhiteWater Ramble, a mandolin-fiddle-acoustic guitar-upright bass-drums outfit from Fort Collins, kicks things off Friday night with its bluegrass-tinged rock with everything from house grooves to roots Americana thrown in for good measure....."  (Read more?  Click title)

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