May 18, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Grand Junction Daily Sentinel "Heroin suspect is jailed twice in 24 hours"

Another western slope heroin story.  It's been awhile since 'SandBox Nanny' thanked all of our agents, agencies, task forces, deputies, police and border agents for their tireless and dedicated  work toward removing these deadly drugs from our communities and protecting us from all the ramifications and associations that go along with any drug use.

Thank you.

You are appreciated very much.  By far more people you serve than I think you know.

Paul Shockley:
"A Colorado Mesa University student was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of dealing heroin, less than seven hours after he posted bond at the Mesa County Jail stemming from his arrest the night before for the same charge, according to court records.

Cameron C. Coon, 22, 2813 C ¾ Road, was ordered Thursday to be held on $25,000 bond, cash only, after his second arrest in a little more than 24 hours for suspicion of distribution of heroin, among other related charges.

“Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me,” County Judge Craig Henderson said during Thursday’s bond hearing.

Henderson on Wednesday had set bond after Coon’s first arrest at $50,000, personal recognizance.

The bond type allowed Coon to leave the jail with a simple signature around 3:35 p.m. on Wednesday after appearing before Henderson, according to jail records.

An arrest affidavit said Western Colorado Drug Task Force officers were watching Coons’ Orchard Mesa home Wednesday and arrested Clay Girtman, 22, who was observed leaving the home....."

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Anonymous said...

Not much and rare is heroin on the slope the cops from Basalt, Mass and Aspen say. But just about 3 -- 4 times a month now there's busts. Plus cars pulled over with a mix of dope that includes heroin and more coming across the borders that gets stopped by the patrol. Anybody else ever stop and think about for every billion bucks worth of cartel dope that is seized in customs on the border that there's still enough getting through that we have 3 to 4 arrests on the slope every month now that have heroin included? Worst drug of all with high addict rate. Is that going to be the party that replaces the coke party in Aspen? Good for you thanking the good cops we do have that just keep taking down all dope one bust at a time. We all need to thank them more than we do.