May 18, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: CIRC "AJUA and CIRC Celebrate Norma's Return Home!"

(The Galindo/Morales/Gonzales family can thank long-time local 'Anita Sherman' for this related link and public comments. Due to the inflaming of the Norma story by Ms. Sherman on the above link, comment ability on this post is blocked.  )

All story and photo credit:  Colorado Immigration Rights Council/CIRC:
"Basalt, CO - The Morales family, AJUA (Asociación de Jóvenes Unidos en Acción), the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition (CIRC), and thousands of concerned Coloradans and activists nationwide, are celebrating Norma Galindo Gonzalez's (Morales) return home from the ICE detention facility in Aurora on Friday evening, just in time to spend Mother's Day weekend with her family and see her son graduate high school.

On May 1st, ICE detained Norma Morales, a respected and admired community leader. On Friday, May 11th, after a 10-day campaign led by AJUA (Asociación de Jóvenes Unidos en Acción), Norma was released.

Her son, Hector, worked tirelessly with AJUA, elected officials, media, and thousands of Coloradans who sent faxes, made phone calls, wrote emails, and hounded the press until his mother came home - in time for his graduation!

Said a jubilant Hector: "Reuniting with my mom was of great relief to my family. It feels amazing having her back home, and I am grateful for everyone that helped us during the difficult period we had to go through."

AJUA leader Edgar Niebla expressed their sentiments on the announcement: "We are happy that ICE recognized that removing Norma would have been an enormous mistake, and detrimental to our community. And on behalf of AJUA, I would like to express their gratitude for the incredible outpouring of support for young individuals and their families, who strive for justice, civil rights, and education throughout the state of Colorado."

Perhaps the most powerful and heartfelt statement comes from Norma herself: "Being without my family is the hardest thing I have had to experience. Just the thought of missing one of my son's most important events in his life is heartbreaking. I am deeply grateful for all the people who helped me come back home."...."
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