June 12, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Aspen Daily News "Agency probes sheriff’s office ahead of discrimination suit"

When a cop the extremely high caliber and respectable standard of Joe Bauer, who  also happens to be a quiet man of few words; not only walks  away from a job he loved but feels strongly enough to publicly speak up over  the reasons why, 'strange things are afoot at the Circle K'.

This  now makes at least three major strikes against Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSalvo.  The outside agency assists to the DEA bust in May of 2011.  The ongoing and active FBI probe into public corruption and now still yet another agency probe into possible  misconduct.

The citizens of the Roaring Fork Valley have more than enough t o be concerned over when it comes to our law enforcement and judicial needs.  Maybe the time has come for DiSalvo to consider stepping down.

Chad Abraham:
"DiSalvo vehemently disagreed, contending “this department is the best of its size, without question, in Colorado and maybe the country.”

The turnover issue arose last week when Pitkin County Commissioner Jack Hatfield asked in a public meeting why 10 employees had left the sheriff’s office since DiSalvo took office.

DiSalvo said Hatfield was misinformed. He said the number of former employees who have left since he took over is five, comprised of the termination of Stephenson and four resignations — along with Rayton, Anderson and Bauer; longtime deputy Mario Strobyl also recently retired.

Hatfield did not return a message seeking comment Monday...."
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