June 12, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Aspen Daily News "The abuse of power"

Another special thank you goes out to Maurice Emmer of Aspen.   Prior to Emmer writing op-eds and LTE's in local papers, the bullying of others  in this valley was at an all time high.  Especially the bullying of women.

Emmer is not the only one who stepped up and began engaging in the same forums.  Other men in the valley have as well and all are appreciated.

There has been a long needed, long sought after shift in the social structures  within the Roaring Fork Valley over  the past three years.  A  very positive change that has finally, since mid-term elections seeped over into politics,  business, policies that affect us all and law  enforcement.  

Here's to the little guys.

Let freedom ring.

Maurice Emmer:
"Competition is a nasty thing for a city. The ski industry is in decline, and there are many attractive resorts competing for visitors and investment. If it is too inconvenient to visit Aspen or invest in Aspen, bye-bye. The visitors and the investment will go elsewhere, and presumably some are right now. We are special but not that special.

Consider Aspen and Detroit. The similarity should scare us. Detroit was the queen of the auto industry, just as Aspen has been the Silver Queen of skiing. Detroit thought it was so special because it was the Motor City. The world could not survive without Detroit cranking out wheels for a growing America. But, little by little, Detroit and its state adopted policies that were unfriendly to investment and even to daily life. So the people and the investment went elsewhere. Many other examples can be identified of the phenomenon of know-it-all public officials killing the investment climate and leaving the wreckage for later generations. Fifty years from now, will residents of Vail, Telluride, Park City and other resorts tell jokes about the brilliant policies that killed Aspen? Never think it impossible...."
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