June 10, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Aspen Daily News "Spanning community polarization in Glenwood"

Actually, the complaints, demands and 'sharp opinions' have grown old and stale.

There is zero feasibility for a 'bypass' and that conclusion was reached years ago.

Unless God moves the Colorado River and Hwy 82 to some other town or far from where they both are naturally....there is only one place for the Grand Avenue Bridge and that is right where it's at.

If Glenwood Springs would simply get up, get proactive about creating infrastructure draws instead of relying on tourism gimmicks and putting the 'Lion's Share' into the pockets of less than 1/2 dozen businesses...'20,000 to 30,000' cars flowing through downtown Glenwood would be prosperous for all.

In reality, the loudest 'sharp opinions' are the ones who have pockets lined just the way Glenwood is and do not want change that brings the highest good for everyone involved.

Pick up the pace and get out of CDOT's way.  The sooner they get to buildng, the sooner we have a bridge that is safe and that works for the majority.   

Chad Abraham:
"Louis Meyer, a member of the Sunlight Mountain Resort board of directors and CEO of a civil engineering firm in downtown Glenwood, said he was at the meeting because he is very concerned about the city’s future.

“CDOT does a great job of moving traffic from point A to B safely and quickly, but that’s not always in the community’s best interest,” he said. “And I think the community needs to say, ‘Slow down a little bit, this is going to affect us for the next 100 years, let’s do this right.’”

He argued for the bypass alternative — building a new bridge west of the current span — to get traffic off of the main thoroughfare.

“You can imagine having a business on Grand Avenue and having 20,000 to 30,000 cars and trucks a day going right by your business,” Meyer said. “We’ve turned from a tourist- and recreation-oriented community to a community that passes 30,000 vehicles through town to the upper valley every day.”

One man in the audience agreed, demanding that CDOT consider the bypass and “give us back our town.”

But Steckler, Elsen and Gaskill said that proposal is not feasible. Steckler said that in addition to the lack of money for such a plan as opposed to the current funding that’s available, the political will also does not exist...."  (Read more?  Click title)

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