June 10, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Grand Junction Daily Sentinel "No plea for Brit in slaying of wife"

The media wind-up this past week, to DA Beeson's comment in this article from Dennis Webb over on the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, can be found in the following links.  Keep in mind the wide deviations there are in the reporting off the Post Independent and Aspen Times that rarely, if ever, report unbiased, fairly and with fact when it comes to DA Beeson's and law enforcement news stories whereas the Sentinel covers, usually and for the most part with the higher standards and ethics good journalists follow:


Dennis Webb:
"“I think it’s clear what we were all here for, and what we were here for, our expectations weren’t met,” a clearly disappointed 9th Judicial District Attorney Martin Beeson said after the arraignment.
Now, he said, “My hope is to achieve justice in this case. I have my idea of what justice is and I’m going to pursue that and I’m going to pursue it relentlessly.”

District Judge Dan Petre set a five-week trial that begins Nov. 5. That timing resolved Beeson’s concern that it might start later and carry into next year. Beeson, a Republican, believes prosecutors would have been left at a disadvantage if he lost in this fall’s election to Democratic challenger Sherry Caloia and there was a change in administration in the midst of a trial..."
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For relevant background on how media high-profile the 9th Judicial District Attorney's office has ratcheted up the Marcus Bebb-Jones accusation and to follow public commentary; click the links below and all links within those blog posts:


"Now that DA Beeson has thrown his hat in the ring for district attorney in the 9th, please take note that there will be no special treatment given to any news press surrounding his race. His articles, if they are SandBox worthy or chosen in the daily agg run-up; will be put up just like anyone else in a political race. What SandBox Commentators will continue to do, is heavily moderate his articles. We are the only news media that provides the courtesy of moderating commentary from the general public on 9th Judicial District and Mr. Beeson's articles. )"


WingMan said...

I'll run with the public defender.

Sabrina Bebb-Jones family should be expected to be there for whatever plea he enters. This is a trial. It's an entry of plea.

Not another staged photo and media op for Martin Beeson.

But I'm also going to be the first to step up and give a sincere thank you to DA Beeson.

For the first time ever of finally showing his real agenda in a press statement. Obvious he would never do something as damning as this if he wasn't under the extreme pressure of finally coming up against someone who's letting him have what he set up. Beeson wants to play this out in the media? Bebb-Jones has nothing to lose by letting him have what he wants. Beeson's done nothing but court the media everywhere since the skull was found. All well and good if Bebb-Jones is a guilty man. But if he's not and this is as circumstantial as defense has shown it to be with all they've shown that points to no guilt, Martin Beeson has met his match and will go down in flames.

None of it sounds like justice for Sabrina Bebb-Jones or for their son Daniel. Vote Caloia and send Martin Beeson packing.

blindtuu said...

There is no merit in any statement that Martin makes regarding 'no discussion so a fair trial" can be had. Not in any of his cases until this past 10 months when the hot water he stands in caught his trial by press op philosophy.

There is never justice had when a district attorney looks to the publicity and score card. The greatest trust voters give is to their DA's and judges. Martin Beeson will not "lose to a democrat".

Martin Beeson will lose because he is the worst district attorney we have ever had and unfortunately his sense of justice is not what the law reads. He can dream about it being politics that ousts him but realism dictates otherwise.

Say NO. Vote Caloia.

Good luck to all in the Bebb-Jones case. It's a case that is about Martin being pressured to drop out against Tipton. What reporters need to dig in to is why that pressure was put on. It very well may finally come to light that 3 cases which Bebb-Jones was one were swimming upstream long before Martin tripled down and dug a hole where justice in its true definition can never be found.

After hearing that Marcus Bebb Jones was watching his opponent as closely as he was in his preliminary trial it's probably a safe bet that the poker player has figured out his adversary's tell. Sounds like an innocent man to me.