July 29, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Eagle County Times "Some Cordillera Folks – not too happy with the Fishwrap either…"

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Without passing judgement on whether or not the Wilhelm Family Partnership is guilty of the accusations against them; let's pass comments on what is obvious to those following the details.

And that is the 'shuck and jive' from the attorneys on the Wilhelm side once they realized that the opposing side actually has a case.

Remember when DA Mark Hurlbert turned this one down and said there was no criminal activity?  Remember how outraged the public commentary in numerous publications and mediums was?  That outrage came mostly from construction oriented folks.  Here was a district attorney noted for pulling in nearly all complaints into criminal court who barely even glanced at the major case of Cordillera.

Anytime that a project or an owner does not pay those they hire, especially those at the top who keep things moving, there is a trickle down effect that can run small businesses into bankruptcy in a heartbeat.  Years ago, Cordillera set themselves up as one of the worst to pay for the work they benefitted from.

Unjust enrichment.  Tortious interference.  Two very powerful civil criminal liabilities that owners who engage in 'shuck and jive' while reaping high dollar asset rewards should be held accountable for under law.

It may not seem like much when the dollar amounts are looked at. After all, what are hundreds, thousands of dollars not paid to the people who did the work and hired others as well...when there are millions of dollars in the asset of the project itself?

In the case of Cordillera, it was the overwhelming arrogance of the early homeowners and the club owners that left such a sour taste in the public's mouth.  There were some projects back then that were even rumored to be slandered by comments from those powerful folks up there to 'not pay' the GC's, architects and designers.  Long after the work was done, the liens filed and the development began to sell homes there still was no return to the people who actually gave their labor and resources to get it built.

A special thank you goes out tonight to District Court Judge Fred Gannett.  For having the moxy and common sense to thwart the obvious ploy of the Wilhelm lawyers as they scramble to turn the 'shuck and jive' into a true three-ring circus.  Here's to the case being handed off to a tough hand who just might, after all these years, finally put an end to at least one of these mongo developments who enrich themselves off others.

'SandBox Nanny' is quite certain that every little guy who has suffered high losses because of the power abuses over the years would be very grateful if that turns out to be the case.

"Truth goes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Then it is violently opposed. Finally, it is accepted as self-evident."

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