August 27, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Denver Post "Colorado Springs sweep nets $5.6 million in drugs, 14 arrests"

Congratulations and a big thank you to all agencies who particpated in still yet another record setting drug bust.

Denver Post:
"Local, state and federal law investigators have netted 14 alleged members of an El Paso County drug-trafficking ring, seizing $5.6 million worth of marijuana, heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine, as well as six vehicles and more than $150,000 in cash.

The El Paso County Sheriff's Department said the first of three drug Colorado investigations began last October. Information gathered in Colorado Springs then led to investigations in seven states and Mexico.

Those arrested were Juan Ramon Espinoza-Aldana, Javier Francisco-Jimenez, Maria Isabel Mendoza-Palacios, Guadalupe Marguez-Chavez, Ernesto Mata-Rotas, Angel Eduard Nunez-Rivera, Mario Alberto Dominguez-Orozco, Cesar Sotelo-Lopez, Jacinto Ponce-Amparo, Matias Aleman-Sanchez, Miguel Angel Gamboa-Tasso, Enrique Cuevas-Del Toro, Zakariya Angel Salazar and Leo Rios-Lucero.
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