February 15, 2012

SandBox Comments: Aspen Times "Aspen hydro plant opponents succeed in petition drive"

"...calling out around the world....are you ready for a brand new beat....summer's here and the time is right....for dancing in the streets....."

Congratulations, Aspen!  You rock.  Especially you little guys.

The right hydro project, for the right price, just might be a good idea.  Someday.

In the meantime, heck with this one shoved down the throats of the taxpayers by special interests.

Andre Salvail:
"ASPEN — Call it a major score for the group opposed to the city's Castle Creek hydroelectric project.

On Tuesday, Aspen City Clerk Kathryn Koch certified the petition that aims to overturn a recent City Council decision to rezone land off Power Plant Road south of Aspen for the hydropower facility.

Needing at least 594 valid signatures from Aspen voters — the figure represents 10 percent of the city's electorate — anti-project forces had gathered 953 signatures when they turned them in to Koch's office on Jan. 17. Koch's letter to petition co-organizer Maurice Emmer, a “statement of sufficiency,” does not say how many of the signatures were valid but notes that the minimum requirement was met.

“After examining the referendum petitions submitted by you and (co-organizer) Ward Hauenstein … I hereby certify that your petition contains more than the 594 signatures of city electors required by the City of Aspen Charter Section 5.3(a),” Koch's letter says.

However, Koch wrote that she cannot make an official “final determination of petition sufficiency” until the end of a protest period. Anyone who wishes to challenge the validity of the petition drive has until Feb. 27 to file a protest with her office...."  (Read more?  Click title)

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Anonymous said...

Poor Mayor Mick.

All this anarchy and stretching out over a long period of nearly two years now.

Has got to be really rough.

How about another European vacay? He could resign and permanently retire to one of our green sister cities on the Continent.