February 13, 2012

SandBox Comments: Glenwood Springs Post Independent/Your Letters "Criticism of Silt economic development is divisive"

He sure has smoothed out the rough edges, hasn't he?

Now an icon to the common man, Silt Mayor Dave Moore once again delivers a stunningly succinct analogy of recent criticism from the extreme political factions of Garfield County, Colorado.

Hip, hip Hooray for Dave!!!  (cue sound of cheering crowds, marching bands and general chaos and mayhem)

Town of Silt Mayor, Dave Moore:
"...I am very impressed with the overwhelming interest outsiders have given to the revitalization of Silt. Most have been very positive. However there are a few who are not.

The urban renewal authority meeting proved to be very encouraging. Approximately 80 people attended seeking satisfaction from unfounded rumors relative to blight and eminent domain. After two hours of discussion and explanation, they left very content with a greater understanding about the issues.

Many thanked us for the explanations and expressed their support.

However there are those who are uninformed and did not take the time to research the truth. They openly blast the efforts of Silt to get a grocery store, bank and pharmacy, as many have read in the Post Independent the last two weeks.

Neither did they visit with us, research or come to the meetings. Their comments are divisive, and baseless.

Example: Karen Foster wrote in her Feb. 6 letter, “a nifty takeover of property taxes through a sleight (trickery) of hand machination (plot) that uses ‘blight' to downgrade property.” She then accuses Silt of “… insidious undertow of devastation to the communities it purports to be helping is nothing short of a crafty (devious) ruse (scam).”

It sort of makes us look like we are the disciples of Al Capone....."  (Read the rest?  It's brilliant! Click title)

"Unapologetically pursuing and tracking patterns within the news others make since 2010."


gws44 said...

Friends of Silt proposes an old-fashioned 'Mob night". Let's roll out the Roaring 20's, lift Prohibition, legalize gambling for the night and have a party.

Dave, you come as Al Capone.

All proceeds go towards political and social activism that is dedicated to helping Silt grow, thrive and prosper.

mack said...

now there's two ideas in one.

Friends of Silt.

and a gangsta night. If we're being accused of thug activity like Mayor Dave points out we are; then let's give a show for the folks.

booze will flow, great food abounds, beautiful conservative women on our arm and we'll gamble the night away all for a great cause.