March 4, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Newsmax "Palin: Rep. Allen West Should Be Considered for VP"

Write a letter to a soldier.  Or a thank you note to a cop.  Set up pen-pal arrangements with an orphanage.

Any of those ideas are better ways to occupy your time than writing rant email to 'SandBox Nanny' over the view she is about to express over Sarah Palin.

Truly, 'kids'.


The view 'SandBox Nanny' has on any woman holding the Office of the Presidency of United States is that a woman has no business holding such a position.  Can a woman do the job?  Of course we can and likely a lot better than a number of the men who have held the spot.  The problem is that it's a whole other world out there once female POTUS steps off American soil.  Can you imagine the Taliban or Iran taking her seriously if she imposed sanctions??!  Get real.  'Wait until your father gets home' is a concept that works well.

Now, VP or Sec State?  You betcha.  Those two spots should never be held by a man again.  Would Palin make a terrific VP?  You betcha.  With the added bonus that putting her on a ticket with someone like Newt would guarantee a win.  Putting her on a ticket with someone like Romney would at least get us one conservative in the White House.

Sarah Palin, love her or can't stand her; has been the singlemost driving force for positive change in conservative politics since Ronald Reagan.  Love the Tea Party or can't stand the Tea Party, makes no difference.

The entire left has nothing but Tea Party Envy.

This idea of hers to promote Florida Rep. Allen West (R) is a good one.  Ideas like this and her total lack of outward reserve in expressing herself while pushing the establishment are unifying the disenfranchised voter.

Here's to the little guy.

Let freedom ring.  (Read and watch?  Click title)

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