March 4, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Summit Daily News "Biff America: Love doesn't melt the snow"

Jeffrey Bergeron:
"(Read more?  Click title)...There is a story about a southern senator in the 1930 s — an avowed segregationist. After his retirement, he was a on the board of a state-run high school for the blind. The post was mostly honorary, but after many years he finally attended a function — a segregated schools dance.

The room and dance floor was divided by a rope, with black students dancing on one side, white on the other. The senator saw the ludicrousness of the situation, as neither could tell the difference. Rather, they were told by those sighted whose skin was what color. The students could feel the rope separating them, but could not see the color dividing them.

The story goes that from that moment on, the once-bigoted senator disavowed segregation.

There is a rope dividing same-sex couples from the rest of us. That rope was put up by those too unimaginative or steeped in bias and zealotry to focus on real problems or issues. That in itself is a slope as slippery as any snowy sidewalk absent the heat of love."

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