April 30, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Aspen Daily News/Letter to the Editor "Airport approves Gulfstream 650"

Here is the story that is one of the things prompting this letter from Cliff Runge to the Editor of the Aspen Daily News:


Reality for all sides,  is that God or fast enough evolution is not going to change the physical geography of the Aspen airport.

Reality, is that Vail Resorts dealt a mortal blow, years ago, with the building of the Eagle/Vail airport.  Reality, is that Vail has a bottom line that is sprinting past the Aspen Skico in profits because they have....game on.  And have been bolder for many years now.

"It pays to be bolder."

The Aspen airport, ironically enough, is the gateway to Aspen for many.  The undeniable fact that it is lagging far behind in ease, speed of use, capability to handle and technology that actually works more than it does not; yet is still the highest price air travel in the region, speaks volumes.  Actually shows the reality of a number of areas of Aspen that have declined since Vail.....became bold and aggressive. 

The best thing that could happen to the airport with regards to the economy is to forget, for now, the common man travelers and instead luxury build the private jet sector.  After all, they are the ones that pay the light bill. 

In SandBox' view, both sides of the airport expansion need to start over.

"...This attempt to hide behind an FAA ruling is just one example of the same tactics our airport administration has been using to ram this new airport master plan through the approval process. Are you confused as to why we started another 20-year airport master plan in 2008, just four years after we approved a 20-year master plan in 2004/2005? Are you under the false impression that somehow this new master plan has been “mandated” by the FAA? If you are confused and misled, there is a reason: It is being done on purpose."  (Read more? Click title)
Cliff Runge, Citizens for Responsible Airport Development, Aspen
"Unapologetically pursuing and tracking patterns within the news others make since 2010."

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