April 30, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Grand Junction Daily Sentinel "Convicted killer who lived ‘down the street’ eyed in Taylor slaying"

(To read a nice May 1st update from the Sentinel to the Robert Dewey side of the story, click here.)

It has been a somewhat 'heavy' day in the world of Colorado crime news.  Tossing these stories up at the tail end of the day keeps the posting a little lighter tomorrow...maybe.

In this story, we've been following the path of Robert Dewey.  A free man, after 16 years wrongly accused, convicted, sentenced and imprisoned in the death of Jacie Taylor.  The Sentinel has put up the most detail and background on the story.  Good job by  Paul Shockley.  Over on the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel.  Click link above.

Arrest warrant issued for Douglas Thames Jr. currently serving life in prison for the rape and murder of  Susan Doll in Fort Collins.  Identified by the DNA that cleared Dewey, Thames will now be placed on trial in Jacie Taylor's murder.

Again, Paul Shockly over on the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel covers the story best. 

(Read the story? Click title)

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