April 30, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Grand Junction Daily Sentinel "Racing bill slow getting out of gate"

Colorado lottery, casinos, track racing, major sporting events.

Just look at all the revenue streams that fall under the potential of a "gaming tax" that could fund not only free up GOCO from the 'trough hogs' throughout the state but that would fund Parks/Rec/Open Space, public eduction, road and bridge, law enforcement and public safety and human services?

Here's another one.  Horse racing in Mesa County.

Charles Ashby:
"DENVER — Rep. Don Coram’s goal is to bring live horse racing to the Western Slope.

If that’s done by the owners of the state’s only existing racetrack on the Front Range or a new one from out of state, the Montrose Republican says he doesn’t care.

The point is to bring jobs and help revitalize the region’s economy, Coram said.

“I’m about job creation. I’m about economic development,” he said.

Coram’s bill to make that happen, however, faces an uncertain future before a skeptical House Finance Committee, which heard testimony on the bill earlier this month but hasn’t voted on it....."
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