April 8, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: KDVR Fox 31 "Dozens of soldiers welcomed home from Afghanistan"

"...About 70 members of the 4th Infantry Division’s 2nd Brigade Combat team arrived back at Fort Carson Friday.

They were reunited with friends and family who they haven’t seen for about a year.

Members of the unit spent that time training Army and Police in Western Afghanistan. It’s a key part of the U.S. effort to turn over security to the Afghan people.

One Sergeant said although there were definite challenges, language being one, the reactions he got from Afghans were mostly positive.

“They appreciate us being over there,” says Sgt. Brian Linley. “They appreciate our support. You always get onesies and twosies that don’t want us there but, hey, that’s the risk we have to be willing to take.”..."
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