April 16, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: KKCO 11 News "Latest update in death of Grand Junction teen "

"An update in the death of a Grand Junction teenager who was taken off of life support on Thursday.
Friends and family say 19-year-old Daniel Richards' death has been ruled a homicide...."
(Be sure to watch all regional news outlets for updates.  Read more on this report? Click title)

"Unapologetically pursuing and tracking patterns within the news others make since 2010."


SandBoxBlogs said...

I can't remember how long ago it was that "bath salts" first hit the news in Colorado. Sometime last year is when semi-regional newspaper and TV outlets started pushing the press releases and we began posting. I set up the usual search engine alerts, thinking that if a story about them came in, I could check it out for posting. There was a deluge of alerts in the inboxes. Hundreds a week. So, I deleted the alerts and just watched local news.

Then came the story of this young man, Daniel Richards. And the obvious heartache of his family. I set the alerts up again and this time modified them for state keywords and regional law enforcement keywords. There are far fewer than before but still way, way too many stories of problems with this drug and especially where it seems to target in younger people.

As you know, if you follow The Box, our new aggregate news blog Utah's SandBox Commentators is up and running.

Today, there was this alert on the keywords "bath salts utah".

I have to say I'm shocked at how bold and think this kind of advertising is unconscionable. It's a farm/ag link for heavens sake.

(Here's the subject of the link:)
Bath Salts, legal marijuana, Herbal incense, magic mushroom - utah ...

(Here's the snippet of the link:)
Best grade availablle our contact information as below in order to place an other for your product at good prices. Bath Salts, Cannabis/ legal marijuana with seed ...

(Here's the publication doing the advertising and the link to it:)

Comments are being closely moderated on the story of Daniel Richards and this comment is not meant to steer or insinuate anything.

It is just a simple statement on behalf of his life that is meant to get all followers who read it thinking about the ways they can flag, tag, report or whatever this kind of distribution when you run across it online. Crime Stoppers would probably take your tips.

SandBoxBlogs said...

Whoops---here's the full link. Looks like the previous comment cut off.


zgnative said...

Are there any of your alerts that show progress? That they are getting the upper hand against this one? Surely, there is some good news somewhere with this battle against this drug. I and so sorry for this young man and his family. I have seen the viral youtube videos that are running the web and it strikes me as memories of the hallucinogenics of the 1960's.