April 16, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Right Scoop "Bolton: American strength isn’t provocative, American weakness is and Obama specializes in it"

"Bolton gave a speech at the NRA the other day and had some excellent one liners that go a long way at summarizing the foreign policy of this administration. My favorite being this one:
The problem with Obama is that he sees American strength as provocative, when in fact it’s the exact opposite. It’s American weakness that’s provocative and we have a president who specializes in it.
Bolton also gave advice on how to treat our allies:
"If you watch how the Obama administration has performed with respect to Iran and it’s nuclear weapons and it’s support for terrorism, versus how our president has treated Israel, it’s very clear: if you want to know how to treat a close ally, look at how Barack Obama has treated Israel and then do the exact opposite."..."
(Watch the full speech?  You should, it is a good one.  Click title)

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