May 22, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Denver Channel "ACLU: Victims of Domestic Violence Deported"

SandBox's guess on this story is going to be that the first thing GarCo Sheriff does on any domestic violence call is assist, protect, aid and give victim's assistance.

Probably, knowing GarCo Sheriff, simultaneously stopping the perpetrator, arresting them and housing them at the county jail.  Then assisting the entire process on both sides through the judicial system.

Finally, knowing GarCo Sheriff, after making sure that everyone is safe and the law is met dotting their i's and crossing their t's by continuing to follow law and assisting ICE with the deportation of the individual(s) who are committing criminal acts by being here in the USA illegally.

Interesting comments thread starting over on the Denver Channel on this story.

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FCL said...

And the first alerts start to roll on in. For sure, just like always with this flamers on Lou the next ones over upcoming days will be viral based stories and links. If customs and immigration really wants to put visa application ability on the web, the least that John Morton could do on ICE's end is get a grip on law enforcing the technology.

This is so unfair to Garfield county and all of Lou's people.

WingMan said...

Lou needs to go proactive. Get out in front of all his policies and start pre-advertising. Like Hannity's 'Hate Line" used to be. Hang sandwich signs around his neck and announce his operations like Arpaio does. "Hey! All you women-beaters! Save a woman today, don't beat her up if she's an illegal. Come tell me and I'll put her in protective custody with ICE!" That way the woman can choose to save her life or be safe and go home with a protective custody detail helping her. Hey, Garcia and Taco. This is a good question the commenter over on 7 news is asking. How is domestic violence treated by cops back home in Mexico? Inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered how these activists plan on making laws that cops get to pick and choose who gets law enforced against them and who doesn't. Think about it. Say cops get called on some couple that are work visa immigrants. Arrive, assess, decide both are committing felonies for whatever. Both the victims at same time of domestic violence. Visa's get yanked for felonies committed. What do they do? Send nobody home with ICE escort because they're victims of domestic violence? Don't come back at me with there being any selective reasoning because the problem's the same in reverse if they're both illegals with no visa. The beater who started it gets deported and not the victim who contributed? 90% or better of all domestic violence calls end up with both of them being arrested. Legal or otherwise. That's the discretion of cops and equal opportunity. My point is that the ACLU wants discretion used. Can't be done because we'd have cops running around with no law to uphold. They are illegals. They are legals. They are immigrants. They are natural born Americans. They are all the victims of domestic violence that's upheld by the same laws. Nothing more and nothing less. This is about empty voicebox activism that mean's nothing but draws a lot of attention. I hope Lou decides to make the next couple years his best ever in office and then go work in the private sector. Make some money and have a life. Let some of the ones under him step up and wear the badge. Three terms is enough, he and Kim deserve better.

taco said...

It wouldn't get reported. Mexican culture isn't American culture when it comes to men and women. Men are the boss that isn't questioned. Mexican cops don't come to domestic calls because a man takes care of his own home. There's prices to pay from society who look down on a guy that beats his wife but it's his right to do that in Mexico. There is no cops and there is no domestic like there is in the usa.

Notfatfluffy said...

I love how there is no comment from the Sheriff my guess is they have not called him to get his side of the story. Got to love our slanted media who is willing to print these flamers without even trying to look non - biased I have a feeling once Lou’s statements come out we will find that this story just like the others does not hold water.

taco said...

cost my family and me over $10,000 and took 8 yrs to be here legal. the wait time back in mexico is very hard because you know its better here. there's no real cops in mexico. not where we're from. I would rather have my wife and my daughters in garfield with vallario than any other place. people don't know how many legal mexicans immigrated there are out here that really don't like these kinds of stories. we don't. I've worked with nails for a long time. good money, family just like family and it's a good life.

Garcia said...

It's the other way around in mexico. If it's called in the first place, if policia even shows domestic violence is looked at the other way around. mexican culture is family, you keep your family problems to the family. The women answer to men. In my house my wife would kick my a**. Maybe that's why we made it legal and came to the USA. She's the boss, we never fit in. If mexican cops are reading this story then they are laughing not angry for the deporting. They would say that it's the corruption from gringos that makes women call american cops. There isn't supposed to be anything said. It's a choice then. Save your life and probably your kids lives and call deputies to help you but if you are illegal then know you are caught and have to deport. Or don't call and expect a lot worse life just like you would have in mexico with the same guy. At least going back you have a chance to come again but this time legally.

hammerandnails said...

and dont' you forget what a good life you've got, taco my man. get out of my slave labored human trafficked chain gang line and I'll know.

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