May 15, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Glenwood Springs Post Independent "Study affirms newer West Divide seep is ‘naturally occurring'"

I can remember clear back as far as the late 1960's when natural seepage of gas was something we had to study for science classes in the North Fork Valley area.

Now the only question that remains is if we will be given any freedom from yellow journalism pushing scare and fear tactics in the daily newspaper.

A shout out of thanks goes to Colorado's big oil and gas and our Garfield County BOCC for sticking to just the facts.

**Correction on May 16th:  'I Like Facts' has accurately pointed out that I made an error while giving byline credit.  This article on the Post Independent should be proudly attributed to reporter John Stroud, not John Colson.  Bylines and credit for output is lifeblood in the newspaper industry.  'I Like Facts' is correct implying that 'SandBox Nanny' knows that.  With sincere apologies to John Stroud for overlooking him and to John Colson for not being able to snag credit for the article; the byline error I made is now corrected.  See below:  
John Colson:  John Stroud:
"“Methane gas samples collected in the area of the reported 2008 seep yielded only biogenic [naturally occurring] gas,” Garfield County Oil & Gas Liaison Kirby Wynn reported to the Board of County Commissioners on Monday.

Biogenic gas occurs when organic material breaks down and bubbles to the surface, while the “thermogenic” type of gas detected in the 2004 seep is released as a result of drilling activity in deep rock formations.

Wynn's quarterly update of oil and gas activity in Garfield County included an overview of the findings by independent consultant Geoff Thyne. The University of Wyoming geologist was hired by the county last year to study ongoing concerns by West Divide Creek resident Lisa Bracken.

Thyne reported that recent testing indicates no presence of “thermogenic” gas, and that the 2004 seep “is on a path toward being remediated.”

“I think we have reached the point of diminishing returns in terms of expending county resources unless there is a big change,” Thyne reported. “The reality is that the 2004 seep is relatively small, has been remediated as best they can manage, been sampled a lot and had several studies associated with the seep and surrounding area....”  (Read more? Click title)

"Unapologetic pursuit and tracking of patterns within the news others make since 2010."


I like facts said...

Thanks for posting. However, giving Colson credit for what was an accurate description of the facts presented is
Laughable---that never happens and Nanny knows better. Stroud wrote the article.

gws 44 who loves facts said...

knowing nanny personally my guess is that it's just human error ILF. after all, colson is the resident flamer on all things o and g. all garco residents have to be confused at some point over what the facts are. so color me confused right now. is your negative 'knows better' comment directed at the byline error or are you still just one of the local media staff that keeps lashing out to the power of comments? or just trollin, trollin, trollin--keep that fauxfact spin on o and g a moving----rawhide!!! my guess is probably both. here's the good news though. those natural seeping gas pockets that've been around since the dawn of evolution will keep seeping. and our good white hats in the o and g industry will keep debunking the spinning trolls, the colsons and the strouds. and our nanny will be as good and gracious as she always is and not toss your trollin self off this forum like the colsons, the strouds and their employer would if they had a forum left.

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SandBoxBlogs said...

My sincere apologies to you, 'I Like Facts'.

See correction above.

FCE said...

lol. You're right, Nanny. Public relations work and journalism is an ego-driven profession. I'm so glad you've apologized and straightened out this serious error of yours.

trollin..trollin..trollin...keep those doggies movin...

mack said...

The thing about Bracken keeping on pushing the agenda when time after time being tossed for no foundation of facts is what gets me. Nobody cares anymore who writes the PI coddling Bracken's need for spotlights. Their articles, no matter who writes them are over half content given to what has no merit. Now when those reports start thanking and praising the real do-gooders like our BOCC and the factual basis studies from the OandG guys with over 50% of the article, then I'll care who writes it. Otherwise it's just same old. Same old, IFL. The fact is, there have been gas pool pockets up on the Divide for as long as I can remember and I've been in the area since grade school. Glad to hear that BOCC and the industry isn't going to be putting dollars needed elsewhere into fueling Bracken's agenda much longer.

Jake said...

50% of whose facts? Brackens?

hotmama said...

Brackens facts. They're certainly not filling this article with detailed and truthful facts on the story itself. Of course not. I send my thanks to the industry and Kirby.

ILikeFacts said...

Easy now. The "nanny knows better comment" was what I thought to be tongue in cheek. Light hearted if you will. Since all reasonable folk who read the PI know Colson could not bring himself to simply write a factual representation of a report of factual findings that fails to wag a finger at industry. I thought it humorous when I saw the inadvertent byline error.

Troll? Harrummph!

mack said...

Reasonable people who follow hubs all over the place and not just this one know that it's not just the rag PI and company that's the problem. That it's the power generated for that problem ruling for a long, long time. Power that gets fueled by groupie LTE writers that cluster up whenever they think they've got power in front of them. Like today's PI LTE's. All the old trolls from PI hub and chronic hate rhetoric politicos have been starting to resurface and pile on ever since Linman was announced. There's that fuel to masses from the biased media. Nobody believes a word that comes out of the PI. Nobody not really. They're that disreputable. What's not believed full on yet is the power it all holds. Then again maybe that's all changed now because of anon voices keeping on talking. Can't blame anyone in that kind of environment for being self-preserving and maybe over cautious to protect themselves. It's not often that tongue in cheek blows by the ladies like 44. Where at pretty much most other hubs it's a daily happening to not catch subtle. "Troll catcher"? Haruumph!

SandBoxBlogs said...

(sighs....rolls eyes...sips from her soothing cuppa of chamomile tea...sighs...yawns...)

Actually, reality is...(easy now, tongue is in cheek) 'SandBox Nanny's' reaction to this thread of comments was first, wondering what in the world a discussion over the Divide, gas seeps and Bracken's issues with the industry have to do with implications re: moi?


That is a darn good question when it comes to the formerly reclusive and little-known person of "SandBox Nanny" and can be asked of so many, many issues. Like do you know she's never even met John Colson?? Or Stroud??? Better yet do you know they've never even bothered to ask for an interview?????

What does moi have to do with outrage over public funds, city council angst or any of the other millions of civic, regional and global issues she is allegedly responsible hook, line and sinker for????

'She' has just become so infamous the hand of (huh?)....

Frankly, at times it can be quite overwhelming.


Really, if you knew moi personally, you just might be very surprised at what you find and be asking similar questions. Who knew?

One of the very, very few things that interest me personally about the PI and staff is where they buy all that yellow ink. Now that would be a seriously profitable investment to get in on that source.

Stuff flows like....well....natural gas seeps up on the Divide...

(sighs...rolls eyes...yawns..seriously considers pouring some hooch in her cuppa...)

Anonymous said...

But I heard somewhere that you're responsible for every ill local society has ever known, Nanny. You mean you're not? Imagine that. Nah, ILikeFacts still hits me as one of the old PI'ers who used to change her handle, shall we say..often? It's the "accurate description of facts" on this article over Bracken and the fake war against the industry up on the Divide being now debunked that's the indicator. Maybe parking in front of the tube and waiting for the season to be a "Bronco fan" might be a better use of time, ILF.