May 15, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Greeley Gazette "Sheriffs to lose arrest power in Delaware"

A must read and very scary report.

Matt Lacy:
"Private meetings, political chicanery and the resurrection of a dead bill under a different name were all part of the tactics employed by the Delaware state legislature who were in fear of a single sheriff who was simply doing what his constitutional duties allowed.

On a 36-2 vote the Delaware state House approved  a bill that states the sheriff or his deputies are only considered to be law enforcement officers when the court says so. The bill now moves to the senate where it is unclear if Republicans will oppose it or not.

Senate Majority leader Gary Simpson told a consituent, “Regardless of the outcome of this particular piece of legislation, I am convinced the issue will eventually be decided by the Courts and I can live with their decision either way in regards to their interpretation of the Constitution.”

Unlike police chiefs, who are hired by government officials, sheriffs are elected by the people and historically have been recognized as a highest-ranking law enforcement officer in their counties.

There have been several threats to the authority of sheriffs recently. In Montana, a proposal would have required all federal law enforcement officers to coordinate any activities in counties with the local sheriff.

And in Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio continues to give the administration headaches with his investigation of whether Barack Obama is perpetrating a fraud on county voters by running for president without being an eligible candidate....."  (Read more? Click title)

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gws44 said...

the ramifications of this legislation in delaware could be a real disaster for the folks. can you imagine our sheriff's not having the power to make arrests? this is a radical left war against sheriff's like arpaio and this christopher.

repeal baby, repeal.

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sumfu said...

I think this is worst thing I've seen out of the Obama years.

Anonymous said...

it's laughable, fu. sure they're successful on this one in Delaware and they're almost there on arpaio. they only have 6 months left and then change that is good comes to DC. 44's right. repeal.