May 15, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Glenwood Springs Post Independent "CMC trustees dump SourceGas lease agreement"

Disappointing at best, that our CMC Trustees decided to punt instead of lead.

Once again, commentators appear to have been spot on in their observations over the compressor station issue. Nothing is going to satisfy the small minority that have made protests.

What they really appear to have been after is a complete withdrawal from Source Gas yet no interruptions to their quality of life served by Source Gas fueling their homes. 

In addition, perfectly content to be 'non-involved' with CMC admin to the extent that Jensen had no concerns or any inkling of an idea that he was creating a public protest when he negotiated the original lease. 

Folks could also observe now that the 'shaming' of CMC by Marianne Ackerman that raised such a ruckus was completely ineffective and negative in outcome.  Simply getting in touch with the trustees and expressing a respectful opinion would have sufficed.

Can our CMC trustees really be blamed now for taking the easier road out and simply letting the courts be the bad guys?  Not really.  As that is exactly what is going to happen now with the only outcome being the same one at the onset of all this controversy.

Source Gas is a public utility that has a critical need that takes care of many people, not just the few that wanted a big show yet somebody else to handle the leadership and legalities.  There will be a compressor station up on Spring Valley.

Only question that remains is if it will now be force placed onto one of these protesters private property or if it will be placed in the best spot all along. 

Which is right where CMC negotiated it to be in the first place.

Predictable and not surprising that our trustees decided to punt, take the easier road. 

Yet disappointing that they decided in the end to not lead. 

John Colson:
"During a public comment session, the board's decision drew a mixed response...."
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gws44 said...

all roads lead to rome. kole's got a good oped on the daily today on anonymity ups and downs. I'll stay running with the power of protection in numbers in the shadows and the much, much higher caliber of folks with character and values that live in those shadows in this valley.

whose name hasn't been seen on "the great compressor station scandal" since she was publicly outed by our nanny's brave lily tomlin and the ringie-dingie spoof posts? thanks again, nanny. for giving us an lte base to raise voices from. marianne ackerman's name hasn't been seen again in the press since she gave her version of shame to our trustees and started a fauxriot against the college. anybody ever starts doing any digging into that spidery web of similar sabotage in this town from ackerman and friends the shock waves would reach far.

all roads in this valley lead back to the rome of power abuses and cronyism culture that has far greater collateral damage on multi-levels of walks of life than enforcement authorities realize. the trickle down effect on the folks lives is unbelievable. whose whispers in ringie-dingie spider web styles or lte style like I'm commenting in right now to protect myself and my family has greater positive impact?

mine. because if there was any real safety in this valley the shadow folks would step out all the way instead of just partially like they are now. the marianne ackerman's of the problem we all have will never expose themselves because to do so is valid social status death and power lost with a lot of ramifications. the only protection against those real bullies is to keep talking. I'm not surprised at all to see cmc trustees cave. my answer to your question of whether ackerman's fauxriot was worth it or not is the same as yours.

no. as usual and as seen by the eyes of far more locals than she could even stand being mortified as seeing those tactics for years as harmful to all, marianne's gossip web just spins tighter around herself. it was a negative and pointless attack that would have manipulated far more people than it did if people hadn't spoken up in kole's lte kind of ways. I am sorry to see the trustees cave in the less courageous way than they could have.

what will feel right in this one is to see source gas get that compressor station up and running before folks lose power to heat their homes. on private property front yards now thanks to ackerman's campaign or in the spot our trustee negotiated for in the first place as best to all.

running with andrew kole in addition to the folks in the shadows. keep talking.

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FCE said...

Andrew's column on the Daily this morning is a good one. I think one of the really super terrific things that come out of messes like this one that Ackerman inflamed is that chronic abusers and bullies like that are now forever exposed. As Nanny would say. Here's to the little guy.

I hope that CMC trustees don't cave further than they have by now jumping on the fauxtrage bandwagon. Because glenwoodsprings22 is right.

What's really going on up on Spring Valley is all about the money in the end.

mandy said...

I agree with you, FCE. It's almost a generational thing, this uncanny and powerful ability to sidetrack away from the real questions and real facts. Time will tell now that the trustees have done this in this way. They have real business and a college system to run. But if they fall into the spider web just as soon as Source Gas starts putting a lot of heat on to the real problem of fauxtrage private owners that have been pumped up from an agenda of a few and the real question of a good lease being honored then they should be left to flounder. This is an old, old game and a very tired one in Glenwood Springs. Wonderful for the good of all that it's a game that grows more transparent by the day. Sooner or later this valley will have a leader or more in elected officials and service authorities that are impossible to distract. I guess I feel similar that I'm sorry to see the CMC trustees are not those leaders. Here's to Source getting a station built before others suffer losses and to Spring Valley moving in to the 21st century.

WingMan said...

I was wondering when somebody would get around in the conversation on the compressor to the real problem of this being an old game in Glenwood Springs. Everything anyone has ever wanted to do on that empty donated land has been shot down by the same outrage filibusters. Usually it's the view being obstructed but this time they had a fake generated enviro promo going on. How many times before CMC just dumps the parcel to a ready purchaser? We've got a long history of a few in this town leading powerful others to turn away from the questions that started whatever issue it is. In this case it's greed that deals in property that's worth a lot of money. I look to source gas to force the good lease being upheld. That has legs. On the other, I'll run with the majority. Old age and transparency will sooner or later end the game. We can all look forward to that no matter who is sitting in the trustee positions.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they can even sell it and get out from under it if they can't do something to turn revenue on it. It's too far away for anything college campus worthy and it's waste ground for ag or science projects. Anything but major development. CMC is a publicly funded institution and we need the revenue. I agree that the lease being forced has legs.

gws44 said...

Watch for the next delicious and juicy morsel in the spider web problem to be an attack on BOCC. It's not just the lease that has legs. It's a public funded institution and a public utility doing the fighting. John Martin is the sworn public enemy number one in that spider web roll-a-dex with rip off reports from cohorts proving that. How long since that all happened to John? Second campaign? Long time ago but count on it that he still doesn't meet that agenda and Sonja's a better option. This will become a twisted, sordid knock-down with so many distractions everybody's going to forget the original source of the problem and the real question that started it which was Stan's right and duty to negotiate the lease and for CMC to do a good thing aiding a public utility on ground that they've been hog-tied on for years. Source's lease isn't the only thing that has legs, guys. Source is right that they dotted every i and crossed every t on a BOCC app that's in final stages of approval. John has no choice but to work toward granting it and he's going to be likely cyber-lynched and stumped against with all that old problem has behind them. Maybe not having as much as they used to have in support will help everybody out. I don't think they can sell it, anonymous but it would be interesting for source gas and BOCC to check out if there are any clauses for first right to refuse going to heirs. I will be voting for Sonja Linman but if this one gets as ugly as it could now I will support John on this one issue.