June 9, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Aspen Daily News "Garfield Legacy Project hosts open houses on open space proposal"

'mandy' says:  "It's not a question whether or not Garfield Legacy listened to public comments.  This is about base philosophy.  Garfield county is a big chunk of Colorado land that believes in and has majority voters residing in it that hold no truck with land that just sits.  We do not need more open space that's 'protected'.  We need our lands to work and produce and meet the high standard of common sense preservation and environmentalism.  This idea of Noone's had merit if it really was about using tax dollars to purchase and develop environmental tourism draws.  Now, it's turned into nothing more than a money/tax grab to pull off 'protected' land grabs.  They'll spend a lot of money on advertising, hold open houses and do the usual (if the looks of who is attached to this group is a barometer) back room politics through the back door.  Garfield will not listen, attendance will not be what they are thinking.  JUST SAY NO.  And that's a shame.  This is not the way to go about talking to Garco folks.  Move completely away from the associations they're tying themselves to and get out in the county one on one."

Aspen Daily News:
"The group, Garfield Legacy Project (GLP), is gauging community support for a new sales tax, which would require a public vote, to support an open space program.

Beginning Monday, GLP is holding four community open houses to inform the public about the Greenprint for Conservation and Economic Opportunity and offer an additional chance for input. The Greenprint began last fall with a survey and community workshops that identified a set of land conservation goals, which were to preserve agriculture and wildlife habitat, protect water quality, enhance trails and recreational opportunities, and create open space buffers between communities. 

Mary Noone, co-chair of GLP, said the Greenprint is designed to gauge community priorities for open space: “Ultimately, we hope to see the community create a funded open lands program, but it has to reflect Garfield County’s unique needs and values, so that’s the idea behind the Greenprint — to figure out what the Garfield County community thinks is most important.”...."
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