June 9, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Newsmax "Allen West: Obama 'Desperate' After Jobs Numbers"

Paul Scicchitano and Kathleen Walter:
"Florida Congressman Allen West believes that Friday’s dismal jobs report will back President Barack Obama into a corner and make him a “desperate person” with the election now five months away.

“When you’re a desperate person — much the same as a cat being cornered – you’re going to come out and really fight even stronger,” predicted West in an exclusive interview with Newsmax shortly after the Labor Department reported that employers had created only 69,000 jobs in May — the fewest in a year — while the unemployment rate ticked up. Together, the news fueled fears that the economy is heading in the wrong direction under Obama's stewardship.

“I think that the president’s policies are failing the American people,” explained West. “We have now hit 40 consecutive months of unemployment in the United States of America at or above 8 percent.”...."
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