June 3, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Craig Daily Press "Twentymile’s presence at Romney event part of shifting focus"

Photo Credit:  Mary Austin (Craig Daily Press)
Joe Moylan:
"Pat Sollars, vice president and general manager of Peabody Energy’s Colorado operations, said the company has historically kept information about operations under wraps.

But, with stricter U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations on the horizon targeting methane gas emissions at coal mines, and new rules on greenhouse gas and mercury emissions at coal-fired power plants, Sollars said Peabody recently decided to take a more aggressive position focused on public education.

That new strategy is what motivated Sollars to pull 148 Twentymile Mine workers to the surface to attend Tuesday’s Mitt Romney presidential campaign rally at Alice Pleasant Park in Craig.

More than 300 weekend shifters, friends, family members and vendors joined the miners in an effort to show industry support.

“We hope we made an impact,” Sollars said of the event. “I think we were able to show the community how many people are involved in the coal mining industry.

“When you have 2,000 people show up for an event and 450 of them are associated with one area coal mine, I think that makes a statement and they all know how vital coal is to our livelihood.” ..."
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Anonymous said...

It may have seemed small town hokey Romney's visit to Craig but it really was a big deal. Pretty powerful stmt to see all those miners come up and out to welcome him. Coal mining is the hardest work there is and still one of the most dangerous. Clean coal is something the entire planet can't get by without. People don't stop and think because mostly they don't realize how much coal fuels in manufacturing and infrastructure everywhere. Say yes to Romney and no to Obama.

karainlongmont said...

This is a classic American photo. What a great shot and from right here in Craig.