June 3, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: KKCO 11 News "The Economic Impact of JUCO Championship

Christy Dimond:
"Going to game 19 tonight means out-of-state visitors are staying in Grand Junction for an extra day...

That's an extra day with a lot of extra revenue for the tournament and city.

JUCO tournament chair Jamie Hamilton is certainly enthusiastic about tonight's game.

"We're always looking for the extra day. It always helps us because the dollars stay here and they go back into the facility and back into the community so we always like that," he says.

Hamilton says walk-up ticket sales alone will typically bring an additional $15,000-$20,000 in revenue... but that's not pocket change.

"When we have an $8.3 million project to pay for. It's nice to have extra revenue to try to pay that off as quick as possible," Hamilton says.

That project being the new Suplizio Stadium... Strong ticket sales have been significant in refunding that project.

"Back to the championship- last night and tonight- we sold out both nights, so a really great week for us," says Landon Balding, online ticket sales manager.

Outside the stadium, the visitors and convention bureau estimates the extra day will bring in $26,000 in travel expenses.

"We had some people booking as early as February 15 when tickets first went on sale," says Balding.
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