June 3, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Glenwood Springs Post Independent/Your Letters "Undocumented workers have already broken law"

(To read 'Ted Hess's latest motion filed in the court of public opinion', click here)

Voldemort.  There you go....say the name.  VOLDEMORT.

"He who must not be named"....no longer has as much "mysterious power" when you simply talk about "him" out loud.

"Illegal" immigration.....is law that has already been broken.

Go ahead.  Say it out loud:

"Anyone"...even  long-time  Glenwood Springs lawyers who shamelessly manipulate the media to try their cases in the media....don't have quite as much power when you simply.....point out what they're doing while you talk with other folks in your area communities.

Go ahead.  Say it out loud:

Thank you to all local, regional, state and federal law enforcment who pick up every single illegal they find and can arrest within law.  You are not local "demons", you are actually very much appreciated.

Go ahead.

Say it out loud:


Tina Holtz:
"....I read the May 30 letter to the editor from Ted Hess requesting the Post Independent to correct false information. Mr. Hess stated that undocumented workers do not receive food stamps or assistance.

An undocumented worker has already broken the law. They are illegal, they also sometimes commit other illegal acts, such as using false Social Security numbers and identification, and many times steal the identity of others, thus allowing them the ability to seek government assistance....."
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"Unapologetic pursuit and tracking of patterns within news others make since 2010"


Anonymous said...

wonder if Ted Hess has finally gotten the message after your posts and public reactions, Nanny. Since Strawberry Days 2011when he started pulling this stuff in the news he's come across as pure ignorance when it comes to the facts of law where illegals are concerned. Worse, he's embarrassing and hurtful to Glenwood Springs demonizing law enforcement like he does. I think a lot of people stay off the air waves since Lou started fighting back with Just the Facts and all agencies put up garco public info. But it's you and smalltown that's made most of the change. We don't have to put up with complete one-sided ignorance like Sherman, McKinney LTE's all the time anymore and at least get some feeling strong enough again to write in or comment. Someday like all things in business the PI will die off a natural death. Then when the balance shifts the change will be even more obvious. Biggest loss people like Ted Hess have then is the complete and total loss of credibility. Good letter from Tina Holtz.

karainlongmont said...

I agree with you, anonymous. But the revolution in the valley and I-70 corridor to finally start speaking up and pushing bullies back actually started online with the Times in late 2008. smalltown took on the big guns and gave it notoriety and attention in summer of '09. It was Nanny's SandBox in summer of '10 that started giving voices credibility while people watched the good commentators all get booted off the other hubs and move over to hers. There was nothing more enlightening than to sit back and watch the real trolls and problems with the many avatars attack each other and fake attack themselves. Good on one hand to see the truth finally reveal how poison people like Sherman are and how horrible, awful ugly a hub can get when there's nobody strong enough left to protect any news or person. Best thing that could ever happen in showing the PI hub for what it was for years was in the good guys all getting booted off. But no, I don't think Ted realizes yet how ridiculous, as an attorney that he sounds when he doesn't even know the law let alone all his advocating of illegals to encourage breaking the law. I hope one of the judges gets a hold of him sooner rather than later the next time he turns the press into a courtroom.