August 27, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Glenwood Springs Post Independent "Judge sets CMC-SourceGas trial for June 2013"

So good to hear that Source Gas remains remembering that the teeny tiny bit of real information, that was piled into ten million tons of disinformation by a single source that started the snowball panic attack against the much needed compressor station; is the sole source that began what has turned out to be a high loss to CMC credibility.

Bottom line is that no matter how CMC now tries to package up their retreat and attempt to market it to the public at large; they entered into a legal lease agreement that Source Gas had no reason not to trust.

At least not until the 'one ringie-dingie' campaign started up from the usual sources that sort of thing usually comes from in Glenwood Springs.

Who loses?

The land and money grabbers who started the ruckus and then threw the jet fuel of disinformation on to the flames of their creation?

Or the taxpayers who will be footing the bill for this very costly stance of CMC Trustees who caved to that pressure?

Actually, it is every student who enters the CMC campus for a number of years to come who ultimately is hurt by this incredible waste of monetary resources by the Trustees.  The taxpayers and general population of surrounding areas suffer the loss of credibility.  At least until the next election cycle when Trustees can be swept out.

Good luck to Source Gas on this and thank you to Judge James Boyd for erring on the side of fairness.  May Source prevail  in their quest for monetary damages.

John Colson:
"The judge did not dismiss the entire SourceGas suit outright, as requested by CMC, leaving open the company's ability to sue the school for monetary damages.

The company has claimed that it spent roughly $2.5 million on equipment, engineering and planning for the proposed CMC site, and that shifting to another site will entail more costs.

SourceGas attorney Timothy Knapp told the Post Independent on July 7, following Judge Boyd's previous ruling, that the company would be seeking monetary damages from the college...."
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glenwood citizen said...

The loss of $12,000 a year in rents, loss of all 6 months of focus by trustees that should have been on students and the college and now a whole lot of attorney fees to fight what CMC's going to lose. It was a legal lease, Source trusted what should have been the good word of CMC, there was out of line interference from a few with vested interest to their own wallet in the community and the trustees let themselves get bowled over by that agenda. Source needs back the millions they put out in good faith.

My question is: "Why isn't the public putting a stop to the trustees blowing a major chunk of money on attorney fees? They were and are at fault. Supposed to lead, not be swayed by the good ol' club around town."