April 9, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: KDNK "GarCo Commissioners Postpone Disputed Compressor"

(See original story and public commentary here (and) Marianne Ackerman's "shame on CMC" story with public commentary here)

Yes, your comments on observations from the BOCC meeting itself, your comments observing that the PI appears to once again be sheltering public news coverage of a crony that happens to be in a negative public light and your comments praising the student group and CMC Trustees for their handling of the compressor station issue have all been received here on SandBox.

The reason a post on the commissioner meeting hasn't been put up yet is because 'Nanny' was giving the PI a chance to step up.  The only one who covered the meeting in depth was KDNK.   An organization that is never afraid to publicly voice controversial issues and does so (always) with balance, fairness and journalistic integrity.

Since everything else of 'hot worth' from that same meeting has been covered by the PI already and without completely buying in to the 'conspiracy theory' portions of your avatar comments...'Nanny' thinks you're probably right.  'Somebody' must be upset out there and is trying to once again pass their bad behavior off on to your/our 'anonymous' voices.  

After thinking over what the next best step is (and hopefully laying the issue y'all have to rest at the same time...) on 'how' to spin/shock-jock/ignore the behavior in question and still give your voices an outlet; 'Nanny' has come right back to where she always ends up:

"Truth goes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Then it is violently opposed. Finally, it is accepted as self-evident."

With that said, here are her thoughts on where the compressor issue is at:

Kudos!!! To the kids.

The group of young people led by Alex Curtis have the ethical and proper approach.  Far better way of handling things than to bully up in the local newspaper writing letters of "shame" and throwing ones weight around.  It doesn't matter who the parents of these young people are (or) who is publicly/socially influencing them to stand up.

What matters is that they are.  And doing so in a class act manner.  These young people we all can be proud of, whether we agree with them or not.

Yes, it is nice to have also received a now on public record statement from Jim Nieslanik that he did indeed know (months in advance, complete with a set of his own drawings) that the compressor station was coming.  Sort of like all those noxious weeds that donated land is filled with not ever receiving a neighborly hand in control, Nieslanik sounds like he just may understand now that he and his family are no different, no more special than anyone else. 

That if he wants to be kept abreast of what is going on in the front yard, he needs to step out into that yard on his own volition.  Source Gas or anyone else doesn't owe him their time and consideration simply because of his longevity in the community.  And keep the preaching and righteous indignation to himself.  Or express it at a public meeting in the proper format so we can all get him on permanent record.

'Nanny' comes back to her original thought on the issue itself.  A simple thought that she feels speaks volumes.

Deal with a bully...then ignore a bully. 

And trust in our valued, stellar reputed CMC Trustees to continue making good decisions that are in the best interests of CMC and the community.

As with the "shame" letter from Ackerman coverage, 'Nanny' feels the feeding frenzy in commentary needs to remain blocked.  For now.  Let's give the commissioners a chance since they just got on board and continue trusting in our elected CMC Trustees.

To listen to KDNK coverage click title (or) click here 

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