April 9, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: The Hill "After killing SOPA, Internet activists take aim at a new House cybersecurity bill"

Meet CISPA.  The 'Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act' (CISPA).

Without having read the bill itself, it sounds as though lawmakers have stepped up their game and isolated cyber controls and enforcement down to security threats such as hacking and cyber warfare.  It sounds like a step in the right direction.

Why the broad language though? 

Why is it that lawmakers have such a difficult time seeing that multiple enforcement mechanisms need to be placed on governing the  internet and keeping users from harm?  Hacking and cyber warfare are not the same modus operandi as internet crime and day-to-day law enforcement needs.  Pirating is not the same beast as internet crimes such as impersonation, identity theft, stalking, harassment, etc.  Not to mention the bottomless pit of issues with jurisdictions, crime tracking, reporting, interaction between federal, state and local enforcement.

There are so many needs when it comes to law enforcement and the internet.

Couldn't we simply agree to leave the broad and sweeping language on the cutting table and instead get basic laws in place now?  Refine them as we come to understand more and our officers, agents and military learn what they need to do their jobs?

So simple.  So very simple.  Yet made to be so complex by political influences. Maybe the time has come for law enforcement and prosecutors to start pushing  the boundaries of existing laws and broadening out interpretation of existing law.

Simply for the sake and wellness of the folks they serve and protect.

(Read the article?  Learn about CISPA?  Click title)

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