March 6, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Washington Post "Military conference offers a woman’s perspective"

Remember Steamboat Springs very own Cmdr. Nicole Shue?  Standing at just around 5' tall and commanding the high seas on the U.S.S. Higgins?  Remind yourself by clicking here

She's back in the news.  We're pretty sure Petula Dvorak will accommodate a long snip of this piece.  After all, there are a number of Colorado women who let their patriotic spirits sail the high sea with Cmdr. Shue.  Be sure to read public comments in the link above.

Petula Dvorak:
"Okay, men, I double dog dare y’all to do it here.

Come to this military conference, look into the eyes of the commander of a naval warship or the strike officer who was in charge of deploying Tomahawk cruise missile tests or the major christened “The Angel of Death” by an Afghan general, and tell these women that you want to decide their reproductive future.

Go ahead, Rush, and see if you have the nerve to call any of these women in uniform sluts for using contraceptives to plan their families around deployments.

I dare you.

This was my first thought when I walked into a Maryland ballroom Monday filled with about 1,700 U.S. servicewomen from all five branches of the military. Hundreds of uniforms, stars, bars and medals, including at least a dozen kind-of-billowy maternity uniforms, and about 1,700 ramrod straight backs.

The Sea Service Leadership Association said this is the largest gathering of military women ever. It offers an opportunity for those in uniform to speak not only about being service members but also about being women.

“Usually, we find ourselves in the minority,” said Navy Cmdr. Nicole L. Maver-Shue, who is president of the association that put on the conference...."  (Read more?  Click title)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for spreading the word! NShue

glenwoodsprings22 said...

Anytime. You stay safe out there, Cmdr. Appreciate your service more than any of us can say. I have a son who did 2 tours, Marines and stationed in Iraq. Sure there's always room to improve but he's talked many times of how much respect most enlisted have for the women serving with them. Angels of Death indeed. It's tough to stay here on home soil and think about you kids out there facing what you do. There's so many politics in war. Best thing his mom and I know to do is the best we can trying to keep a little rowdy pulpit going back here on the western slope. Make sure our military gets the best politicians we can give you. Come home safe.

gws44 said...

Now there is something to visualize.

Western Colorado's Rowdy Pulpit sailing the high seas with our own Cmdr. Nicole Shue.

Please do stay safe and come home to us. Thank you and all those ladies for your service.

mack said...

Still have a hard time thinking about women in front lines combat. It's not a prejudice it's more just that I was raised conservative. I have no doubt they can do the job and do it well it's more just a natural gut reaction. We need more public speaking by these women who have risen so high in their rank and expertise to help break down what barriers there might be. Always proud to have something like this come from right back here at home. Cmdr. Shue, I thank you again for your service. No doubt the USS Higgins is running top notch. Nobody would dare mess with a 5' tall Colorado woman. btw, you're missing some pretty good new powder on the slopes. Fresh off the last storm. Think maybe we could get a shout out for the "Angel of Death" Maj. Black?